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Calendars on homepage, local meeting listings, mobile-friendly event pages!

Submitted by Oren on Wed, 04/25/2018 - 14:01

Big updates are live :)

Newly redesigned homepage

Now, governments are listed front and center on the homepage-- only the governments that have complete 2018 meeting calendars.

And when you view a government calendar, you now see an easy-to-scan list of upcoming meetings:

Government calendar page with upcoming events list

Lastly, more useful information is now visible on each meeting's event page:

Mobile view of event page with informational card about public building visible


About this project

Mapping 1124 public meetings and counting!

What is Every Public Meeting?

Every Public Meeting is a free, crowd-sourced directory of every public meeting from every state, county, and local public body. Each meeting is a dead simple, highly-shareable event page, with everything from when, where and which decision-makers attend, to how to get there and get in, who to call with questions, and how to leave a comment whether you can go or not. Read about our mission.

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