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  1. Choose a local group
    Like your city council, county body, school district. Some place local and important. Check the Calendars page to make sure this group's calendar isn't already submitted.
  2. Find the official website
    You will need to identify these five things:
    • Thing #1: Upcoming Meetings (URL)
      Sometimes called: Dockets / Agendas
      This is usually a big spreadsheet or grid with downloadable agenda PDFs of upcoming meetings, but usually only goes forward a few weeks into the future.
    • Thing #2 A Meeting Agenda (URL/PDF)
      This will help you determine the name and address of the building (i.e. "Reno City Hall"), and may include room location in the building (i.e. "Council Chambers, Room 201"). Scan this document to answer these questions: Do they provide translators? Do they provide childcare?
    • Thing #3: Official Contact Information
      Sometimes called: Clerk
      This is usually on the upcoming meetings page (Thing #1) or agenda (Thing #2). Scan these to find the official contact person's name and title, email, and phone, and any other contact/request forms.
    • Thing #4: This Year's Meeting Calendar (URL/PDF)
      Sometimes called: Annual Schedule / Legislative Calendar
      This is usually a single web page or PDF with a calendar or grid that shows scheduled dates for the entire year. One calendar may contain multiple types of meetings (i.e. "Budget Committee"). Scan this to answer the question: Do most or all of these meetings take place on weekdays during 9am-5pm?
    • Thing #5: First and last 2018 meeting dates
      Find this information on the 2018 Calendar (Thing #4). We want this information to verify that we import the correct meeting dates.
      Example: First meeting 1/10/2018, Last meeting 12/29/2018
  3. When you have found those five things, add the calendar using this form:

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Every Public Meeting is a free, crowd-sourced directory of every public meeting from every state, county, and local public body. Each meeting is a dead simple, highly-shareable event page, with everything from when, where and which decision-makers attend, to how to get there and get in, who to call with questions, and how to leave a comment whether you can go or not. Read about our mission.

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